{{|image = |full name = Andre Meadows |gender = Male |birth date = October 25, 1978-1980 (37-39) |born in = North Carolina, U.S. |occupation = Actor
Youtuber |role = Black Nerd}}

Andre Meadows (born on October 25, 1978-1980) is an African-American actor and comedian. He has a YouTube channel called "Black Nerd Comedy" where he does rants, vlogs, 80's/90's retro stuff, reviews, music videos, and Awkward Talks with Girls. He grew up a black nerd. He loves Gremlins (franchise) and The Smurfs. In Awkward Talks with Girls, he interviews beautiful women. A running gag is that in every episode, he asks the girl can he rub her feet. He has two backup channels called "Andre" where he does most of his vlogs and "BlackNerdLIVE" where he does most of his extended interviews and extra Awkward Talks with Girls episodes.

Early life Edit

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